August 8/1 to 8/31 Workshop – For the Discouraged Writer with Instructor Red L. Jameson




For the Discouraged Writer: Rekindling the Fire in Your Writing

By Red L. Jameson

Duration: 4 weeks

When Red heard the advice that discouraged writers should get used to no longer feeling passionate about writing and to get a hobby instead, she decided to challenge that. At almost every level of her writing career, she’s had some sort of discouragement. After so many years of it, she decided to shove it where the sun didn’t shine and find the fire in her writing once again. This workshop covers almost every area a writer—from those just starting out to those who have been writing before dinosaurs were love interests—can become discouraged and ways to overcome it. What you can take away from the class is…

  • Ways to finish a manuscript that is kicking and screaming not to be written
  • Strategies for a shy writer to conquer social media
  • How to bounce back when a publisher rejects your brilliant story
  • How to deal with editors who dump you
  • How to overcome fear
  • How to deal with comparisons and a writer’s envy
  • And many more areas that pertain to the turbulent business of being an author


While finishing her Master’s Degree in US Military History, Red has had many part-time jobs to help pay the bills but mostly to fund her addiction to fiction writing. Yoga instructor and weight management consultant were fun, but it wasn’t until she started proofing for an history journal that she knew true adventure, nearly getting into a back-alley fight over which writing style is the best. Chicago Style, of course. Formatting, graphic designing, then editing came later; although, she missed getting into cat fights with copyeditors about comma placement. Now, she writes her sizzling sexy yet cerebral stories full-time and wants to help other writers who need a hand up in this crazy business of writing.


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