June 1st – 17th – Social Media Basics & Hootsuite with instructor, Denise Alicea!




Social Media Basics:

 Twitter & Facebook Page 101

Keeping up and learning about social media is not always an easy task. Learn how to set up both a Twitter and Facebook business page. Learn your way around both platforms to start your social media journey.

Day One: Welcome and Intro into Twitter and Facebook

  • Setting up Twitter
  • Setting up a Facebook business page

Day Two: Twitter

  • What is twitter?
  • How does twitter work?
  • Staying within those 140 characters
  • Hash tags
  • Setting up your profile with images.

Day Three: Facebook

  • What is a business/ fan page?
  • Set up images and profile images.
  • About page information
  • What apps can I add?
  • Can I cross post?
  • What do I post?
  • Responding to comments, etc.

Day Four: How to manage your new Accounts

  • Posting to pages
  • Setting up a schedule to post.
  • Tips and tricks to get images.

Day Five: Questions

Hootsuite 101

How to Manage Your Social Media with Hootsuite will help authors, understand Hootsuite and what it offers including the basics of the software to how Hootsuite can help manage all your social media, why it’s important, and keeping you update by events, favorite authors, and more!
Learn how to:
*Free vs Paid  Hootsuite
* Set up Hootsuite
* Creating Filters
* Schedule Messages
* Why it’s important to be on social media and tracking
*Tips and Tricks

Bio: Born to the great  lively city of Manhattan, NY, and raised in quiet Connecticut. Denise started writing  when drawing and painting were not enough. Deciding to try a new type of medium, she thought to start with poetry. After her first success and first reading at the age of fifteen. Her writing began to take on new life with her own worlds of fantasy, time travel, action, adventure and of course romance.  She draws inspiration from her favorite childhood cartoons and experiences to her current day ones.

A member of Romance Writers of America  and several of its chapters since 2005, Denise has won two awards for her short stories and several finalist nominations. She always finds the time to help others through RWA and also her book review blog, The Pen & Muse Book Reviews.