Celtic Hearts Workshops!

Picts & Scots (AD400 – 1000) Aug 1-31, 2016

Picts & Scots (AD400 – 1000) Instructor: Sheila Currie Dates: Aug 1st – 31st, 2016 About the course: For the warriors of the Early Middle Ages a feast with plenty meat and mead in a king's hall was heaven—literally in the real world and the next. There they told their fellows what they'd do to earn a reputation as the best fighter in the western world. A warrior, who had improved his status by great valor in battle, earned the choicest meat and the most gifts of weapons and Learn more [...]

How to Turn Your Author Blog into a Powerful Marketing Tool Aug 1 –14, 2016

How to Turn Your Author Blog into a Powerful Marketing Tool Instructor: Stacy Juba Dates: Aug 1 – 14, 2016 Are you new to blogging and web sites and don’t know where to start? Do you have a site that isn’t getting much traffic? This class will provide authors with a variety of resources to enhance their blogs and web sites and drive more traffic toward their books. Author and editor Stacy Juba will share the secrets she has discovered from years of trial and error and working in Learn more [...]

Principles of website design for authors October 1-14, 2016

Principles of website design for authors Instructor:  Catherine Chant Dates: October 1-14, 2016 About the course: At the end of this workshop you will have a better understanding of what goes into making your author website more appealing and inviting to a visitor and thus more effective for promoting you and your work. This two-week workshop will cover the golden ratio of layout design, web fonts and web-safe colors, using white space, user interface considerations and website organization, Learn more [...]