Celtic Hearts Workshops!

November 1-30 : Change of Scene

CHANGE OF SCENE Instructor: Ines Johnson November 1 - 30   Course Description: In this course, you’ll learn that a scene has a few parts to it: characters, actions, and description. When strung together, individual scenes add up to build plots and storylines. Because scenes are the blocks that make up the story, each scene needs its own container. We’ll investigate, a variety of workspaces (Scrivener, Word, Google Docs), to house your scenes. Next, you’ll investigate what metadata Learn more [...]

November 14th – 30th: LIGHTS! CAMERA! BESTSELLER!

      LIGHTS! CAMERA! BESTSELLER! Instructor: Chris Redding November 14th – 30th This course will show you how movie making and scriptwriting techniques can make your novel come alive. It will cover the Three Act Structure of most movies and instruct you on how you can use movie magic to make your novel a bestseller. Lecture One: Story Structure Hero’s Journey Three Act Structure Eleven Step Story Structure Lecture Two: Characters Interacting Roles Learn more [...]

December 1 – 31, 2016: Description & Dialogue: Too Much or Just Right?

Description & Dialogue: Too Much or Just Right? Course Description: In this class we’ll look at the descriptions of people, places and things that entice the reader to be involved in the story. Through the use of senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch (not all at once!) we want the reader to be with us as the action unfolds—but we need to draw the line between lure and overwhelm. We’ll look at the way dialogue and narrative can mesh together to create the fictional world Learn more [...]