Celtic Hearts Workshops!

February 1 – 28th Workshop: Decoding Dialogue with Pam McCutcheon

      Class Dates: February 1 - 28th Speech is sloppy, impromptu, not planned. Dialogue in your novel should be a simulation of real speech, without all of the ums, ahs, repetition, and boring stuff. In this class, we’ll go back to the basics (including what not to do) to help make your dialogue seem effortless.   Topics include: - The who, what, when, where, why and how of formatting punctuation in dialogue - How to use attribution and action tags effectively - Learn more [...]

March 6 – 31 Workshop: Druids: The Ancient Priesthood of the Celts with Sheila Currie

    Druids: The Ancient Priesthood of the Celts Instructor: Sheila Currie March 6 - 31 Course Description: Shrouded in mystery, the ancient religion of the Druids continues to fascinate people today as much as it did the Romans and Greeks. The druids, respected soothsayers, healers and political advisors, were the most enlightened and civilized influence in northern Europe until the advent of Christianity. The Celts believed the natural features of the earth were inhabited by Learn more [...]

April 3 – 30, 2016 Workshop: Herbal Lore of the British Isles

Herbal Lore of the British Isles April 3 – 30, 2016   Instructor: Beth Trissell   Herbal Lore in the British Isles: Time out of mind, herbs were intimately known to people, used in every facet of their lives, and form a living connection to those who’ve gone before us. I'm intrigued with the rich lore and historic uses of these herbs. For my April Workshop (class) I will focus on the herbs used in the British Isles. My intent is to inspire a deeper Learn more [...]