Celtic Hearts Workshops!

July 1st-30th Workshop – Magic and Witchcraft with Instructor Sheila Currie

Witches & Witchcraft with instructor Sheila Currie    $15.00 CHRWA Members  $25.00 Non CHRWA Members   In the Middle Ages a common concept of witchcraft developed from beliefs and practices, retained from pagan religion. As Christianity spread, new beliefs and rituals were blended with with the old. The Norse became Christian hundreds of years after the peoples of Britain and kept many ancient beliefs about magic and witchcraft. In the 12th century the concept of white and Learn more [...]

August 8/1 to 8/3 Workshop – For the Discouraged Writer with Instructor Red L. Jameson

      For the Discouraged Writer: Rekindling the Fire in Your Writing By Red L. Jameson Duration: 4 weeks When Red heard the advice that discouraged writers should get used to no longer feeling passionate about writing and to get a hobby instead, she decided to challenge that. At almost every level of her writing career, she’s had some sort of discouragement. After so many years of it, she decided to shove it where the sun didn’t shine and find the fire in Learn more [...]